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‣ Do I need to charge my Chargetab™?
No, your Chargetab™ comes fully charged and ready to use.

‣ Do I need any wires or cables to use a Chargetab™?
No, Chargetab™ plugs directly into your device, no additional hardware is required.

‣ Is the Chargetab™ compatible with all devices?
Chargetab™ can be used with most rechargeable devices with a Lightning, Micro-USB or TYPE-C port.

‣ Is the Chargetab™ compatible with my mobile phone case?
Chargetab™ should work without the need to remove most phone cases.

‣ How long will it take for my device to charge?
Charging performance will depend on the device and usage while being charged.

‣ How much charge should I expect from a Chargetab™?
Depending on your device and usage while being charged, Chargetab™ should give your device 4 hours of standby power.

‣ What is the shelf life of an unopened Chargetab™?
An unopened Chargetab™ has a 2 year shelf life if stored in a dry, normal climate environment.

‣ How do you operate a Chargetab™?
Tear open the plastic sleeve, slide the on off switch located at the top left corner of the Chargetab™ to the “on” position and plug the Chargetab™ into your device.

‣ How do I know if my Chargetab™ is working?
Once activated, a blue power light will appear in the top corner of the Chargetab™.

‣ Can I reuse a Chargetab™?
If you are satisfied with the charge level of your device and the blue power light remains on, unplug the Chargetab™ from your device, slide the power switch to the “off” position and return it to the plastic sleeve for future use.

‣ Can a Chargetab™ be recharged?
Once the blue power light no longer appears when the Chargetab™ is turned on, the Chargetab™ is empty and should be properly disposed of. A Chargetab™ cannot be recharged.