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Portable Chargers 101: Your Ultimate Guide

Picture this: You're on a road trip, your phone's battery is at 5%, and you need directions. Panic? Not if you have a portable charger! These compact lifesavers ensure that your devices stay powered up no matter where you are. Whether you’re on the go, interrupted by weather-related power outages, or experiencing an emergency, a portable charger is your best friend. This ultimate guide will walk you through everything you need to know about portable chargers – from how they work to what to look for in one!

What is a Portable Charger?

A portable charger is a compact device that stores electrical energy and allows you to charge your electronic devices on the go. These handy gadgets have become essential for modern life, ensuring that your smartphone never runs out of juice, no matter where you are.

How Do Portable Chargers Work?

Portable chargers store energy in their internal battery, which you can transfer to your device when needed. When your phone needs charging, you connect it to the portable charger. The stored energy is then transferred from the portable charger to your device, replenishing its battery.

Types of Portable Chargers

There are two primary types of portable chargers: rechargeable and pre-charged. 

Rechargeable Portable Chargers

Rechargeable portable chargers can vary in size and capacity and require users to pre-charge the battery before they can begin supplying power to their phones. For many of these types of chargers, a special charging cable is needed; it can take several hours of charging before a rechargeable portable battery is ready for use! Also, it can be easy to lose track of whether the charger was recharged before you take it on the go. With repeated use, rechargeable batteries lose their ability to hold a charge which means they can become unreliable when you need them the most.

Pre-charged Portable Chargers

With pre-charged portable chargers, there’s no need to charge the battery before use! That means you won’t have to deal with the hassle of plugging in the charger with a special cable just to get it ready to power up your phone. ChargeTab is a pre-charged emergency mobile device charger that comes in a sealed, eco-friendly, biodegradable paper shell, ensuring it’s ready to go the moment you need it. Simply break it out, plug its small, permanently attached cord into your phone, and start charging!

10 Benefits of Portable Chargers


Portable chargers offer unmatched convenience. Imagine being able to charge your phone wherever you are – no more hunting for power outlets at coffee shops or airports. With a portable charger, you can keep your phone powered up while on the move. Their compact size means they fit easily into your pocket, purse, or backpack, ready to be used whenever your battery starts running low.


Whether you have an iPhone or Android, portable chargers are incredibly versatile and capable of charging various smartphones.

Emergency Preparedness

In emergencies, a portable charger can be a true lifesaver. During power outages, natural disasters, or while exploring remote locations, having a pre-charged portable charger ensures you can still use your phone to call for help, navigate, or access important information. 


Portable chargers are indispensable for frequent travelers. They ensure you can use your devices during long flights, train rides, or road trips without worrying about finding a power outlet. ChargeTab portable chargers are designed to be travel-friendly, with features such as compact size, lightweight design, and compliance with airline regulations. They can be brought in your carry-on luggage.

Environmentally Friendly

Using a portable charger can also be an eco-friendly choice. ChargeTabs are repurposed and refurbished lithium batteries. Every time you use a ChargeTab portable charger, you’re keeping one more battery in circulation and out of a landfill.

Productivity Boost

Having a portable charger means you can stay productive without interruption. Whether you’re a student needing to take notes, a professional working on the go, or a creative person who uses their device for artistic projects, a portable charger ensures your workflow is never disrupted. 

Peace of Mind

Carrying a portable charger gives you a sense of security and freedom. Imagine never having to worry about your phone dying in the middle of an important call or during a long trip. With a reliable backup power source in your pocket, you can confidently go about your day, knowing you're always just a quick charge away from staying connected. This peace of mind allows you to focus on what really matters, whether it's work, travel, or spending time with loved ones, without the constant anxiety of a low battery.

Enhanced Social Connectivity

In our hyper-connected world, staying in the loop with family, friends, and colleagues is essential. Portable chargers are the unsung heroes that keep your social life buzzing. You can capture epic moments without your phone battery flatlining. With a portable charger, you'll never miss that perfect selfie, the hilarious group chat, or the latest social media scoop. These handy gadgets ensure you're always ready to snap, share, and stay connected, making every social event, festival, and outing more memorable and fun.

Health and Safety

When it comes to health and safety, a portable charger can be a real lifesaver – literally. Think about those moments when you rely on health apps, fitness trackers, or emergency contact services. A portable charger ensures these vital tools are always up and running. For those with health conditions who depend on medical alert systems or devices, keeping your phone charged can be crucial for your well-being. It’s like having a personal safety net in your pocket, ready to jump into action when you need it most.

How Much is a Portable Charger?

The cost of a portable charger can vary widely based on factors such as capacity and brand. ChargeTab mobile device chargers are available in multi-packs to ensure convenience in an emergency. With a shelf life of two years, you can keep ChargeTab portable chargers stored in various locations, such as cars, nightstands, backpacks, and emergency kits!

iPhone Emergency Phone Battery Charger:

  • 10 Pack: $54.99
  • 30 Pack with Display: $145

USB-C Emergency Phone Battery Charger:

  • 10 Pack: $54.99
  • 30 Pack with Display: $145

How Long Does a Portable Charger Last?

The lifespan of a portable charger depends on several factors, including how often you use it, and how you store it. Portable chargers should be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid moisture or overheating. That also includes keeping it out of direct sunlight. ChargeTab’s weatherproof packing ensures the portable battery is well protected from moisture. With a shelf life of two years, you’ll be able to receive up to four hours of power from each of your ChargeTab chargers.

What to Look for in the Best Portable Charger

Picking the perfect portable charger is about finding the one that fits your unique needs and lifestyle. Here are a few elements to consider when choosing the right portable charger:


Carrying a portable charger on the go should be convenient. ChargeTab portable chargers can fit in your pocket without weighing you down. Whether you’re going to a concert, a hike, or out to dinner, you’ll be able to power up without having to bring a bag to carry your portable charger!


Make sure your portable charger is compatible with your phone. ChargeTab offers portable chargers that work for iPhones and Androids. 

No-Hassle Usage

Ease of use is a big factor. ChargeTab portable chargers come with built-in cables, eliminating the need to carry extra cords. It also reduces clutter and makes the charging process straightforward and hassle-free. 


Sustainable practices are incredibly important in the fight against climate change. ChargeTab portable chargers use biodegradable packaging for repurposed and refurbished lithium batteries. By upcycling refurbished batteries, ChargeTab keeps batteries out of landfills and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Power Up with ChargeTab Emergency Portable Chargers!

When you’re on the go, you need a charger to keep up with your busy lifestyle without weighing you down. ChargeTab emergency portable chargers are built for eco-conscious users looking for a quick, convenient, and reliable source of power. 

Our chargers are ready to use straight out of the gate—no pre-charging required! From our biodegradable packaging to refurbished, upcycled batteries, ChargeTab chargers are your eco-friendly power source. With our built-in, efficient charging cord, you won’t have to worry about carrying extra cables to get charged up in an emergency. Each charger has a two-year shelf life and is designed to give you up to four hours of power. Whether you’re out hiking, running errands, or at a concert, the lightweight, compact design makes them perfect for carrying around wherever you go. Simply open the weatherproof packaging, plug it in, and start charging! Once you’re done with your charger, we’ll recycle it for you—for free! With ChargeTab, batteries stay out of landfills and get back to charging. Visit our store today to keep your Android or iPhone powered up!  Power when you need it. Anytime. Anywhere.

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